Thursday to sunday from 11am till 2pm

Starting Thursday 7th February

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welcome to BABA GANOUSH

Our aim is to invite our customers to discover the flavours and ingredients of the world. 

This latest project is a result of my desire to learn more about world cuisine. Through the years I've learned that our customers' tastes and preferences are increasingly diverse, and as travel becomes more accessible they increasingly return home with stories of their experiences to share with us.

In all my establishments we use fresh ingredients sourced from local suppliers in all dishes including the special dishes we have selected for you here at Baba Ganoush. Ultimately we want to work closely with the local community and provide the service that is needed, whether it's a private function or a family gathering. Everyone is welcome. 

I am excited and looking forward to seeing you all at Baba Ganoush.

co-founder & head chef

co-founder & head chef


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